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Custom Basic Service

This service is perfect for those on a budget. It's basically your custom written "script" and not much more. You will only need to pay the cost of the marriage license to the court. The cost for the Custom Basic Service is $150 for a short ceremony, and there may be one meeting, or conversation over the phone. The service does not include a rehearsal. In our one meeting we will go over the basics of the ceremony and then we'll meet again at the wedding. This is a perfect ceremony on short notice!

Custom Standard Service

If you require a short 10-15 minute ceremony, my fee is $200. That includes a personal meeting just prior to the wedding to cover the basics of what will be included in the ceremony. Even though I provide a custom, written "script" in advance, there is no in-depth planning meeting. as with the Custom Extended Service. This service also does not include a rehearsal. If my presence is needed at rehearsal there will be an additional fee to be determined.

Custom Extended Service

For the majority of you that want a very special wedding ceremony, lasting 15-30 minutes, should choose the Custom Extended Service. This service is a very special celebration of love that is customized and personalized, as you like. This involves a personal meeting from one to two hours at a chosen location. We will go over a checklist that covers your wants and needs and afterwards I will write up a the customized wedding "script" with all of your special choices/needs included. Then 2 weeks before your wedding I will email, mail, or fax the script over to you for any modifications if desired. I will attend the rehearsal if you have one and walk everyone through their parts of the ceremony. It usual takes 10-12 hours to prepare for this particular service but the service will be exactly everything you want it to be! The price for this service is $350.